Sunday, 13 March 2011


yeah, I didn't get to go to the mall today. oh god the horror, I can feel myself just melting on the spot.


so, I'm starting to get more into the groove of blogging. a bit more comfortable with writing more about myself and day-to-day occurences, seeing as nothing horrible has happened. I'll be like one of those people on twitter who talks about getting up to go to the washroom all the time! my blog will be so massive, I will become the coolest blogger. actually, I have one thing standing in my way, which is proper grammar. shall I sacrifice my morals to rise to the top? am I that weak?

Yes, I am.

Okay, I was using the no-capitals thing to look gimmicky, but I don't need that. I just need to be awesome. Maybe attention whoring would be good too... Dori, link here on your blog, please. Oh, while I'm addressing you in lieu of my four screaming fans...

I'm afraid our relationship can never survive if you don't watch Eva. Just the way it is, sorry. Oh, um, while you're at it try some creepypasta... Ben Drowned is a good one. Alternatively, browse /x/ for half an hour. Yes, that should be a decent start. The Elise cloning process begins. I'll schedule your sex change for September.

To elaborate a bit on why I didn't get to go to the mall, Mom got sick with some sort of flu. So I couldn't get a drive, obviously. Dad's still getting comfortable with his new job, so he's going to be really busy for a couple weeks. First impressions, yeah? Anyways, I'll look into bus schedules if Mom doesn't fight it off by tomorrow.

<3, Elise.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

a day at the spa

as I noted yesterday, saratoga national park is beautiful. those pine trees, man. I lost my camera in the move, so I'll grab a stock photo.

that obviously isn't the avenue of the pines, I'll find a picture of that later. with a new camera, mom promised that she'd replace my old one. hopefully it'll be decent... maybe I can convince her that living five years in the past isn't good for a teenage girl. cameraphones are where it's at. anyways, we were there in time for the appointment and it was glorious. I felt like one of those bratty spoiled girls on mtv - manicure, pedicure, the works. it didn't take much for me to get used to this place, I tell you. going to explore the mall tomorrow morning. sucks that you get march break now, though... I'll have to see if I get anything like that soon. maybe I should research american high schools a little more, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

oh, I should look into getting a cd player. that one you burned for me is all lonely in the corner of my room. oh, my room! I'll email you a picture of that some time soon. it's kinda lame right now, but I'm sure I can spruce it up. anyways, look forwards to my frilly girly mall escapades.

Friday, 11 March 2011


the bad news is that I'm pretty far away. the good news is that I'm in the right timezone.

the horrible news is that I make fop references.

the ultra-horrible news is that I have a deep-seeted resentment for capital letters. oh, and earthquakes suck too, I suppose. har har. I'm not very funny.

anyways, I'm going to assume that you're the only one reading this, Dori. the move went well, mom's settled into her job. the woman was born to spa. although long-distance relationships suck in general, I think I'll be able to survive until summer. maybe. if you post on your blog, you lazy bum. by the time I get back from my first spa day tomorrow, you'd better have something up. or I'll send you vaguely threatening messages over the internet. I'll do it, I swear.

hugs and kisses.